With main locations in Hamburg (Rotherbaum), Berlin (Mitte) and Bremen (Schwachhausen), STEINWACHS law firm offers professional advice and representation in all areas of law nationwide.

The range of services offered by the STEINWACHS law firm includes in particular the following areas:

Investor protection lawLabor lawCatering lawTenancy lawCorporate lawTraffic lawCommercial tenancy lawFamily lawReal estate lawConstruction lawAuction lawCommercial lawMedia/sports/fashionTravel lawInheritance law
Damages lawTransport lawMediation

The lawyers at the STEINWACHS law firm have many years of experience in administrative law, social law and criminal law. In addition, the lawyers at the STEINWACHS law firm have specialized in advising selected professions and corporate groups. By working on the specific problem areas of the respective fields of work, the law firm is able to develop comprehensive consulting concepts and thus saves its clients the time-consuming and costly use of different lawyers and/or consultants. Since an interdisciplinary network is recommended for solution-oriented mandate processing in many legal areas, the law firm works with lawyers and specialists from other fields to advise and represent you in a legally secure, goal-oriented and successful manner. The law firm’s advice is provided in German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian and Portuguese (an interpreter will be provided free of charge for other languages upon request). Upon recommendation, an expert colleague will be happy to provide representation in legal areas not covered by the law firm. Responsible for the content of the STEINWACHS law firm: Attorney Stephan Steinwachs (Attorney Hamburg Berlin)