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Located in Hamburg (Rotherbaum), Berlin (Mitte), and Bremen (Schwachhausen), STEINWACHS Law Firm offers professional advice and representation throughout Germany in all legal fields.

The range of services offered by STEINWACHS Law Firm focuses on, but is not limited to the following areas:

Investor Protection Law ⋅ Labor Law ⋅ Catering Law ⋅ Tenancy Law ⋅ Corporate Law ⋅ Traffic Law ⋅ Commercial Tenancy Law ⋅ Family Law ⋅ Real Estate Law ⋅ Construction Law ⋅ Auction Law ⋅ Commercial Law ⋅ Media / Sports / Fashion ⋅ Travel Law ⋅ Inheritance Law ⋅ Tort Law  ⋅Transportation Law ⋅ Mediation

Furthermore, all lawyers at STEINWACHS Law Firm offer many years of experience in administrative law, social law and criminal law.

STEINWACHS lawyers are also specialized in consulting for selected professions and business groups. Having acquired a deep knowledge of the particularities of different legal fields, our firm is able to design comprehensive consulting concepts, saving its clients the time-consuming and costly consultation with various lawyers and / or consultants.

However, in many legal areas an interdisciplinary network is recommended to ensure a solution-oriented management of the mandate. Our law firm cooperates with lawyers and specialists from other fields of expertise in order to provide you with legally-sound advice and to represent you in a goal-oriented and successful manner.

The firm’s consulting services are offered in German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian and Portuguese. If required, interpretation into additional languages is available free of charge.

For representation in legal areas which are not covered by our law firm, a qualified colleague can easily be recommended.

Responsible for the content of the website STEINWACHS Rechtsanwaltskanzlei: Stephan Steinwachs (Lawyer Hamburg Berlin Bremen)

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Parkstraße 68
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