Commercial tenancy law

Commercial tenancy law for landlords and tenants

When it comes to commercial tenancy law, we advise you as a new business owner or as an existing entrepreneur – we advise you as a prospective tenant or if you are already a tenant of a commercial property.

We also represent you as a landlord of commercial real estate in all commercial tenancy matters.

We also have many years of experience in the area of initiation, design, interpretation and evaluation of commercial rental agreements, as well as their judicial enforcement. We always think with particular consideration of the company’s purpose and the respective industry. Due to our many years of consulting and litigation experience, we are able to draw up commercial rental agreements for both the commercial landlord and the commercial tenant within the framework of the framework conditions provided by legislation and case law, with a pendulum view of the respective economic interests of the commercial tenant and commercial landlord achieve that offers you a secure foundation as a landlord and tenant.

It should be noted that business rental agreements can be freely negotiated and are not subject to the stricter criteria of a residential rental agreement. Nevertheless, even in the case of commercial rental agreements, the freedom in the content of such contracts is limited by legislation and case law.

In contrast to the residential rental agreement, the amount of the business premises rent can be freely negotiated. Nevertheless, especially as a commercial tenant, you should gain market knowledge about the location-related market prices and about the structural conditions, as well as about the tenant mix and the industry mix if it is a property with several neighboring commercial tenants within an entire area.

Special features for both sides

As a commercial landlord, before you conclude a commercial rental agreement with a commercial tenant, you should also consider which business purpose should be included in the commercial rental agreement and whether the rental property should be structurally prepared or furnished by you or by the commercial tenant beforehand to achieve this business purpose.

As a commercial tenant, you should pay attention to the fact that commercial rental agreements often mean a long commitment period as part of a fixed-term rental agreement, often with extension options that you must exercise on time.

Since commercial tenancy law is heavily influenced by case law, which is constantly evolving, and there are few independent legal regulations in commercial tenancy law and there is also less specialist literature available to legal experts than in other legal areas, you should trust experienced legal practitioners who Support you in drafting contracts, enforcing them and protecting your interests.

Thanks to our experience in all areas of commercial rental property types, be it commercial rental space in shopping centers, shopping malls, mixed residential/commercial units, amusement parks, or individual properties, we can provide you with comprehensive advice and representation in all areas of commercial rental law.

We advise and represent our clients in commercial tenancy law on the following topics:

  • Contract drafting
  • Contract Enforcement
  • Termination
  • Eviction notice
  • operating cost
  • Miet game
  • Rent reduction
  • damages
  • Tenancy security
  • Rent guarantee
  • Operating purpose
  • rent increase
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Graduated rent
  • Index rental
  • Tenant mix
  • Branchenmix
  • modification
  • Renovation
  • renovation
  • Soundproofing
  • Test
  • Contractual clauses
  • early termination of the commercial tenancy agreement
  • Termination agreement

early termination of the commercial tenancy agreement Its basis is the tenancy law of the German Civil Code (BGB). This is regulated in §§ 535 – 580a BGB.

Those who advise STEINWACHS on tenancy law all also have experience in real estate management and are therefore familiar with the relevant issues far beyond the legal horizon. Contact us without obligation.

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