Construction law and architectural law offer particular practical relevance, but usually also legal explosiveness. Particularly in the context of construction law, the client should be able to rely on reliable advice from a lawyer who is experienced in construction law as early as possible and especially before taking the first steps (e.g. applying for a building permit, selecting a developer, etc.), as this can often result in significant follow-up costs later on Processes can be avoided.

The lawyers at the STEINWACHS law firm advise on all matters relating to construction law, real estate law and related legal areas.

A large number of procedures that have been carried out so far can be used in this context, in which the individual national legal peculiarities were applied accordingly, which usually represent an obstacle that is not easy to overcome for the builders on the way to realizing their ideas. Practical experience has repeatedly shown that builders are in no way aware that there is a risk of immense financial damage or even loss if the legal requirements are not adhered to. In the worst case scenario, the demolition or use ban orders issued are of such financial consequence for the developer that early advice from a qualified lawyer is definitely advisable.

Our lawyers advise, among other things, on the following construction law topics:

  • Construction acceptance
  • Necessary insurance
  • Procedure for construction defects
  • Architect’s liability
  • Additional costs when buying a house
  • Architect’s fee not already in the acquisition phase
  • Construction support
  • Soil report/subsoil analysis
  • Necessary content of invoices and retention periods
  • Own work on building a house
  • Contracts with foreign architects and planners
  • Contingency fees in construction disputes
  • Purchase of land
  • Terms and conditions when buying a prefabricated house
  • Construction contracts
  • Save taxes with craftsman invoices
  • Save taxes with craftsman invoices
  • Vertragserfüllungsbürgschaft und Gewährleistungsbügschaft
  • Criminal construction law
  • Information obligations for architects
  • Night storage heaters and EnEV 2009
  • Notary contracts when building a house
  • Credit sales
  • Abuse of verifiability in invoices
  • Construction delays due to bad weather
  • Double taxation of turnkey houses
  • Architect’s copyright
  • Thermal insulation at the property boundary
  • Road safety obligations of homeowners
  • Sound insulation DIN 4109 is not sufficient
  • PPP-PublicPrivatePartnership als Alternative

You can find interesting judgments and further information on the subject of construction law on our information page on construction law.

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