Another field of activity of the STEINWACHS law firm, which is closely related to the areas of corporate and commercial law, is transport law and forwarding law.

As with commercial law, the client’s priority is advice with regard to contracts between the contractual partners in the delivery as well as between the freight forwarder and the lessor of the fleet as well as the companies involved in the maintenance of the fleet. The significant financial expenses involved in this contractual relationship necessarily require a secure and reliable partnership, which should also be reflected in the structure of the legal relationships. If this is not possible, economical solutions must be found immediately and in a legally secure manner in order to avoid significant losses in the daily deadline business of the forwarding companies and the associated claims for recourse from the contractual partners.

The STEINWACHS law firm provides advice tailored to your needs. As in the areas of commercial and corporate law already presented, it is equally important in transport law and forwarding law that, due to the increasing globalization of markets, advice from the STEINWACHS law firm can also take European case law into account.

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