Just like family law, inheritance law is often characterized by legally demanding disputes. The main reason here is the legal definition of inheritance as a universal succession and the existence of a joint hand in the case of several heirs. Therefore, the sad news of the loss of a loved one is often followed by even more stressful legal disputes over the inheritance, which often drags relatives into disputes and thus leads to considerable stress or to their breakup. Inheritance law requires the lawyer working in inheritance law to have not only experience and the willingness to constantly educate themselves in the constantly changing inheritance law, but also a high level of social competence.

Advice from a lawyer qualified in inheritance law is strongly recommended in the confusing area of inheritance law if you want to avoid sometimes very drastic disadvantages. This is mainly because there are still fundamentally incorrect ideas in inheritance law, for example that the testator’s debts are not inherited or that they can easily be removed from the inheritance afterwards. Another focus that is often not recognized is the existence of a joint ownership of several heirs, within which it is legally stipulated that the inheritance cannot be disposed of as an individual, but only as a whole (with the consent of all heirs). This already leads to significant differences in the private law area; when it comes to company succession, a very significant amount of money, livelihoods and, not least, the testator’s life’s work are quickly at stake.

This makes understanding and targeted advice all the more important. By commissioning the STEINWACHS law firm, you can ensure that your goals are implemented with the necessary sensitivity and to the fullest extent by a lawyer who is experienced in inheritance law.

Our lawyers will work for you in the following areas of inheritance law:

  • Will and inheritance contract
  • Power of attorney
  • Living will
  • Anticipated succession
  • Business succession
  • Inheritance and gift tax
  • Compulsory portion right
  • Community of heirs
  • Community of heirs
  • Execution of the will
  • International inheritance law
  • Agricultural inheritance law
  • Foundation law

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