The STEINWACHS law firm’s advice on traffic law covers all areas of German (road) traffic law and that of other European countries, which is becoming increasingly important, especially due to the EU-wide enforcement agreement for fines that came into force on October 1st, 2010.

For example, if you are traveling on foreign roads, you are subject to local traffic laws (speed limits, parking violations, right-of-way rules). Foreign sanctions and procedural regulations often differ significantly from those here. For example, vehicle owners abroad often face owner (or owner-like) liability for traffic offenses (e.g. in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands), which is foreign to German traffic regulations.

While such violations used to be a problem at best when re-entering the respective country, more and more drivers are now being caught up by their offenses upon their return, which are often punished far more severely abroad than in Germany.

Road traffic law essentially covers the following areas:

Civil traffic law, in particular traffic liability law (for example in the event of accidents) and traffic contract law (purchase and sale of vehicles, repairs, etc.) traffic criminal law and administrative offense law (fines, warnings) driving license law registration law

However, our main task in the context of traffic law is the settlement of claims. After a traffic accident, we enforce your claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering against the other party in the accident and their insurance companies or defend you if you are overcharged with corresponding claims.

The attempt to settle claims independently with the opposing insurance company always leads to the person concerned being disadvantaged. But even unspecialized lawyers often make mistakes here. In particular, the often highest damage item, the so-called household management damage, is regularly overlooked.

Benefit from the years of experience of the lawyers at the STEINWACHS law firm in the field of traffic law.

If you would like to find out more about traffic law, we recommend our traffic law blog.

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