Public law includes the entirety of all legal regulations that affect the relationship between citizens and the state. The area of public law also includes all constitutional law as well as European and international law.

The basis of the area of public law and our entire legal system is our constitutionGrundgesetz. As the highest-ranking national law, it stands above all simple laws, legal regulations or statutes. In the area of public law, the Basic Law establishes fundamental rights as the foundation of our value system. In addition, the organization and function of the state apparatus (in particular the legislature, judiciary and executive) are regulated in the Basic Law as part of the area of public law.

At the simple legal level, the area of public law includes in particular administrative law, which regulates the execution of laws by the executive (authorities) as the executive power. In the area of public law, administrative law can be divided into general and special administrative law. General administrative law regulates the general regulations for administrative procedures and administrative enforcement, while special administrative law regulates specific administrative areas, e.g. police law, construction law or civil service law.

European and international law is becoming increasingly important, especially European law, which has a significant influence on public law in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Federal Republic of Germany has transferred sovereign rights to the EU, which is why European law, as supranational law, generally takes precedence over national law.

Zu den wesentlichen Bereichen im Rechtsgebiet Öffentliches Recht gehören:

  • Constitutional law, especially fundamental rights
  • State organization law
  • State liability law
  • international law
  • European law
  • General/special administrative law
  • Social law
  • Tax law


On the following pages we will try to provide you with as much information as possible about the area of public law.

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