As a cross-sectional legal area, school law includes all legal regulations that affect schools in some way.

Schools are generally public institutions. School law is classified as special administrative law. School measures therefore often represent an administrative act against which the students or their legal representatives can fundamentally object. If this is unsuccessful, it is possible to take action against the measure by taking legal action in the administrative courts.

School law includes, in particular, all legal bases relating to school operations and organization, as well as the rights and obligations of the people involved, in particular students, teachers, parents and school authorities (e.g. municipality) and the resulting legal relationships.

Gegenstand von Auseinandersetzungen im Schulrecht sind insbesondere:

  • Compulsory schooling
  • schooldays
  • School recommendations
  • grades
  • transfer
  • School discipline measures
  • grades
  • Central Abitur
  • Special school/special school
  • Civil service issues in school law (e.g. disciplinary measures)
  • Private school


School law is a matter for the states (Art. 30 GG, Art. 70 I GG), which is why it is largely standardized in the respective school laws of the federal states. There are also numerous state regulations in school law.

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