Comprehensive damage

Legal information and definitions for fully comprehensive damage:

If the damage was self-inflicted or was caused by hairy game, storms, hail, fire, water, theft or vandalism, this is considered comprehensive damage.

Selected questions about fully comprehensive damage:

Can I appoint an appraiser of my choice? With two exceptions, no. In order to be able to settle the damage using your existing fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive policy, you must contact your insurance company and follow their instructions. As a rule, in the event of fully comprehensive damage, the insurance company will send its own expert and then cover the fee for his services. If you want to hire an expert of your choice, you must first obtain approval from your insurance company, otherwise the costs for the report will not be paid in the event of fully comprehensive damage. You should definitely have the release in writing. When making phone calls to your insurance company or receiving approval from your insurance company over the phone, remember to write down the time and name of the clerk.

In these cases of fully comprehensive damage, the costs for an expert commissioned by you must be reimbursed:

  • The insurer is unable to inspect the damage in a timely manner.
  • The report from the expert appointed by the insurance company is incorrect.
  • According to §14 AKB (General Conditions for Motor Insurance), you have the right to call in an expert of your choice in the above-mentioned points in the event of fully comprehensive damage. (Please clarify beforehand)

Attention: If you have any doubts about the accuracy of the insurance report, do not hesitate to contact the lawyers at STEINWACHS. We would be happy to carry out an initial review of the report.

Do I also have claims for damages like in a liability claim?

No. In the event of self-inflicted damage in the event of fully comprehensive damage, you as the policyholder are only entitled to compensation for the accident-related damage in accordance with the insurance conditions.

General information about comprehensive insurance:

Note 1: Insurance companies sometimes offer so-called protection letters, which include additional lines such as a replacement car in the event of damage. Note 2: At various workshops you will receive a free mobility guarantee with the customer service carried out. This often also includes a replacement vehicle. These are exclusively contractual claims. These claims must be strictly separated from the claims for damages in the event of liability damage. The amount of compensation always depends on the insurance conditions for fully comprehensive damage. As a rule, you as the policyholder have to pay a deductible for fully comprehensive damage.

Subdivision of comprehensive insurance

Partial comprehensive insurance

  • Glass breakage damage
  • theft
  • Brand
  • Explosion
  • Short circuit
  • Braising damage
  • Storm and hail damage
  • Water damage (flooding)
  • Hairy game damage

Comprehensive damage

  • All areas of partial comprehensive insurance
  • Self-inflicted accident
  • vandalism