Competition law includes all regulations that serve to protect market competition. This includes, in particular, antitrust law and unfair competition law (fair trade law).

Competition law serves to protect free, fair and undistorted competition, and therefore the interests of the general public, market participants and consumers.

Antitrust law as a sub-area of competition law is primarily regulated in the Act Against Restraints of Competition (GWB). It serves to prevent restrictions on competition, in particular the cooperation of several companies to influence competition – so-called cartels – is to be prevented, cf. Section 1 GWB. In competition law, competition supervision and control is carried out by the competition authorities (federal or state cartel offices) and, in cases of European importance, by the European Commission.

Fair trade law as a branch of competition law is primarily regulated in the Act Against Unfair Competition (UWG). It is intended to ensure fair competition and protect market participants from unfair business practices by a competitor. It also serves the interest of the general public and consumers against distortion of competition, see Section 1 UWG. Unlike, for example, antitrust law, violations of the UWG are asserted in the civil courts in competition law, usually by competing market participants or interest groups, see Section 8 Paragraph 3 UWG.

Zu den Themenkomplexen im Wettbewerbsrecht gehören unter anderem:

  • Warnings in competition law
  • Cease and desist declaration
  • Third-party submission
  • Fusion control
  • copyright
  • Intellectual Property
  • Product piracy


Competition law is particularly influenced by European Union law, as this is intended to ensure fair competition across Europe. National competition law is therefore often based on European directives and a large number of special EU regulations must be observed.

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