Compensation for plane crash damages

The claims for compensation from survivors are regularly significantly higher than the voluntary payments made by the airlines. There are also claims to payments from private life and accident insurance. However, since insurers do not approach those entitled on their own initiative and usually even try to reject legitimate claims, you should definitely seek legal advice. This applies to all claims settlement, including plane crashes. Although most airlines usually offer payments on their own initiative, which can sometimes be huge in total, they actually do not come close to covering the rights of survivors. The unadvised relatives of plane crash victims often accept the offers that take advantage of them without objection because they are in mourning. But later it turns out that, especially in the event of the death of a person liable for maintenance, the amount received is not enough and the justified feeling of having been taken advantage of in one’s own grief, in addition to the financial circumstances, complicates the overall situation caused by the plane crash. Subsequent payments for damages due to the plane crash are often contractually excluded by the airlines. A lawyer experienced in damages law is able to inform you about your rights and claims with the necessary distance from the event and to protect you as best as possible from the airlines and insurers. He will ensure that the supposedly affected parties do not take advantage of their plight against you. The following claims are available: a) against the airline’s liability insurer – Assertion of claims for pain and suffering that have been passed on to the heirs – Compensation for pain and suffering from the surviving dependents, often shock damage – Assertion of maintenance damages for spouses and children – Cash maintenance damages for spouses and children – Childcare maintenance damages for spouses and children – Loss of the Housework and family work – Funeral costs b) from the private accident insurer – Claims for benefits in the event of disability – Claims for the transitional period – Daily hospital allowance – Convalescence allowance – Benefit claims in the event of death Since the cases regularly require immediate legal action, we also offer appointments on public holidays and weekends. You can find extensive information on the subject of compensation on our portal