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Inheritance Law

Just like family law, inheritance law is often characterized by legally challenging conflicts. The reason for this is mainly the legal definition of devolution upon death as universal devolution and the existence of a collective ownership when there are several heirs. This is why the sad news of the loss of a beloved family member is often accompanied by judicial disputes over the inheritance, which can lead to disputes in the family and ultimately cause a considerable burden or a break within the family. Inheritance law requires lawyers working in this field not only to have experience and a willingness to constantly keep up-to-date with ever-changing inheritance laws, but also demands the highest degree of social competence.

Consulting a lawyer qualified for inheritance law is highly recommended if one wants to avoid drastic disadvantages in this often confusing legal field. Some fundamentally wrong ideas about inheritance law still are widely believed, for example the belief that debts of the testator will not be inherited or can without hindrance be eliminated from the inheritance at a later point. Another rarely known issue is the existence of a collective ownership when there are several heirs, which means that it is legally stipulated that the inheritance cannot be disposed of by an individual, but only with the consent of all heirs. This already leads to considerable conflicts in the field of private law. When it comes to the succession of a company ownership collective ownership of an inheritance often is about considerable amounts of money and may even put the testator whole life’s work at risk.

This makes it all the more important to receive comprehensive consultation which leads to the desired outcomes. By commissioning STEINWACHS lawyers, you ensure that your goals are achieved comprehensively and with the necessary sensitivity by a lawyer experienced in inheritance law.

Our lawyers are at your service in the following fields of inheritance law:

Testament and inheritance contract

Health care proxy

Living will

Advanced settlement of rights of succession

Management succession

Capital transfer tax

Forced heirship

Community of joint heirs

Procedure for certificate of inheritance

Execution of will

International inheritance law

Agricultural inheritance law

Foundation law

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