Travel law includes in particular those legal provisions that regulate the legal relationships between the tour operator and the traveler.

Anyone who is planning a holiday trip these days and doesn’t want to book flights, accommodation, train tickets, etc. individually and in a complicated manner usually resorts to package deals. In such cases, a travel contract is usually concluded.

In travel law, the travel contract is concluded between the traveler and the tour operator and is standardized in Section 651a of the German Civil Code (BGB). According to § 651 a paragraph, the tour operator is 1 BGB, anyone who provides a total of travel services (trip). To provide the individual travel services in travel law, the tour operator usually uses so-called service providers who then provide the specific individual services (e.g. flight, hotel, events, etc.) and are the tour operator’s vicarious agents. Zu unterscheiden ist im Reiserecht zudem der Reiseveranstalter vom Reisebüro, welches in der Regel lediglich vermittelnd tätig wird und nur selten selbst Reiseveranstalter ist.

Gegenstand von Auseinandersetzungen im Reiserecht sind regelmäßig folgende Bereiche:

  • Lack of travel
  • Exclusion period / preclusion in travel law
  • Compensation for damages (liability of the tour operator, the travel agency, the service provider)
  • personal injury compensation
  • Compensation for lost vacation time
  • Termination due to force majeure
  • Notification of defects on site
  • Statute of limitations in travel law
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Illness in travel law
  • Tardiness


We also recommend the following pages on product liability law Furthermore, §§ 823 ff. BGB play a major role in travel law, since the tour operator is responsible for the proper execution of the trip in travel law and the contractual warranty claims are often based on the exclusion period in accordance with. § 651 g BGB or can no longer be asserted due to the statute of limitations.

On the following pages we will try to provide you with as much information as possible about the basics of travel law.

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