Rent reduction table

Apartment uninhabitable

Apartment uninhabitable after kitchen fire 100% reduction LG Frankfurt/Main, Urt. v. 12.90.1995, 2/11 S 147/95

If the apartment is uninhabitable due to a fire and the landlord cannot prove that the cause of the fire was within the tenant’s care, the tenant can reduce the rent by 100%.

Landlord denies tenant’s partner access to apartment 100% reduction LG Giessen, judgment. v. 01.03.2000, 1 S 443/99

The tenant’s landlords were the woman’s parents and demanded that the key be handed over and checked in order to prohibit the new partner from having contact with her. The tenant demands a refund of the apartment rent she has already paid.

Apartment already occupied by two other people 100% reduction LG Berlin, Urt. v. 20.10.1992, 65 S 79/92

One tenant’s gas connection failed and as a result he could no longer heat, cook or have hot water.

Uninhabitable due to flooding 100% reduction AG Friedberg, Urt. v. 03.05.1995, C 1326/94-11

Due to flooding in the basement, the tenant was forced to move into a hotel for the first time and then to live with friends. She also terminated the rental agreement and looked for an apartment with the help of a real estate agent. The landlord was aware of the risk of flooding, but did not point it out to the tenant. Tenant demands compensation.

Violation of privacy 100% reduction AG Munich, judgment. 19.10.2016, 473 C 18682/06


There was a Venetian mirror, a mirror that was transparent on one side, in the wall of the shared bathroom. This meant that what was happening in the bathroom could be observed through a storage room.