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Mediation is an out-of-court solution of conflicts. What is particularly characteristic of it is that the parties involved in a conflict try to find their own solutions independently. They are being supported by an independent third party (the mediator), who – unlike a judge, for example – has no decision-making authority. What is characteristic of the mediator is the ability to organize structured negotiations which guide the parties to fast and flexible, and sometimes even more cost-effective arrangements, which all involved stakeholders will benefit from. The interests of the stakeholders are taken into account, situations that create obstructions are resolved, mutual communication is made possible again. Mediation is an old idea for the resolution of conflicts and its roots can be traced back to over 2000 years.

Mediation procedures are characterized by the following criteria which distinguish them from other forms of settlement of conflicts (in particular court proceedings):

Voluntary nature: The parties decide to participate voluntarily.

Confidentiality: The parties and the mediators commit themselves to confidentiality.

Information: Decisions are to be made on the basis of all necessary information.

Personal responsibility: The parties themselves determine the solution.

Independence / Multipartiality of the mediator: The mediator supports all parties in the quest for mutually satisfying solutions.

Open-endedness: Mediation procedures are open to flexible and creative solutions.

Together with the psychologist and trained mediator Andrea Danker, Mr. Steinwachs offers co-mediation. Thus we achieve a bundling of legal and psychological competencies which we see as the ideal basis for a successful mediation.

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