Civil service law as part of special administrative law includes all legal provisions that deal with civil service relationships, in particular the resulting rights and obligations of civil servants in Germany.

In civil service law, a civil servant is understood to be someone who has a special public service and loyalty relationship with the state or another legal entity under public law as an employer. The civil service relationship is not created, like an employment relationship, by concluding a contract, but rather through the so-called appointment, which represents an administrative act and is carried out by handing over the appointment certificate.

Im Beamtenrecht gibt es wie auch im privatrechtlichen Arbeitsrecht eine Vielzahl von Auseinandersetzungen zwischen dem Beamten und seinem Dienstherrn, folgende Themen sind beispielsweise Gegenstand von Konflikten im Beamtenrecht:

  • Disciplinary law
  • Care, especially salary
  • care
  • Aid
  • Work-related accidents and incapacity for work
  • Competitor lawsuit under civil service law
  • promotion
  • Judgment under civil service law
  • Transfer, secondment or implementation
  • Hiring/Firing
  • Hiring/Firing


Civil service law finds its constitutional basis in Article 33 of the Basic Law. Civil service law is regulated inconsistently in terms of simple legislation; the most important laws in civil service law are the Civil Service Status Act, at the federal level primarily the Federal Civil Service Act and at the state level primarily the respective state civil servant laws.

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