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Catering Law

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To a larger degree than most other entrepreneurs, hoteliers and restaurateurs find themselves in a high tension between what is statutorily mandated and what is actually required in order to be an economically successful entrepreneur. An almost unmanageable abundance of federal and state laws, ordinances and doubtful European directives can make it seem impossible to be successful in the highly competitive hotel and gastronomy industry while still following all the rules prescribed by catering law. While German entrepreneurs in general are already facing an unprecedented amount of rules and regulations, hoteliers and restaurateurs are suffering even more than others.

At the same time, there is a lack of clear rules and sector-specific lawyers. To this day, catering law is a rather vague term and by no means refers to an independent legal area. Only the German Restaurant Code, the regulation for beverage dispensing systems, the regulations on vocational training in the catering industry, the explicit regulation on travel law in §§ 651 a ff. BGB (German Civil Code), and the proprietor liability stated in §§ 701 ff BGB, are unambiguously assigned to the catering industry. But it is the numerous “secondary laws” (many of which even lawyers are not familiar with) that determine the professional lives of gastronomic entrepreneurs and threaten their existence when ignored.

Meanwhile, all catering companies – like all entrepreneurs – find themselves needing to optimize their liquidity. Without competent, comprehensive and goal-oriented legal advice from founding to development phase, all the way to successful establishment of the company in the market, many restaurateurs will find themselves unable to devote their energies to their actual tasks.

Benefit from the experience of the STEINWACHS Law Firm and the lawyers and tax consultants we cooperate with. We offer legal advice in the following areas:

Business start-up in gastronomy

Contractual arrangement of rental and lease contracts

Tenancy law

Examination and development of contracts with suppliers (such as beer delivery and loan agreements)

Labor law

Competition law

Enforcement of warranty claims

Questions about concessions and catering law and other “authority affairs”

Design of general terms and conditions or accommodation conditions

Neighborly disputes

Management of receivables

Please also look at our blog on legal issues in catering law (in German).

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