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Investor Protection Law

Recently, the financial crisis has shown just how quickly one can lose money. Effective investor protection conducted by a lawyer for investor protection is therefore more important than ever. For many investors, it is particularly the investment in real estate that has turned from a safe investment into a debt problem.

The reasons for this are manifold. On the one hand, there are consumers who may have exceeded their financial limits for a desired object or product or who have not properly evaluated the risks associated with the investment, in hopes of above-average returns. On the other hand, there are countless rogue and well-organized supplier groups who lure customers with false promises and beautified or false statements. The schemes are used to rob consumers of their assets and, not rarely, their old-age security, often belong to the so-called ‘gray capital market’ and are inexhaustible, with procedures becoming ever more perfidious.

To achieve their goal, distributors often cooperate with ruthless notaries and banks which provide investors with a false sense of security. In this way, protection of victims is entirely circumvented.

The damages resulting from erroneous consultation or deliberately false consultation usually only become apparent several years later. Immediate action is required as soon as an investor is in danger of personal liability or even personal insolvency. In situations like these, the profound knowledge of a lawyer experienced in investor protection is necessary to recognize and implement the possibilities for recovering the invested capital.

The goal of the work of the STEINWACHS Law Firm is regularly to initiate a reverse transaction of the underlying contracts and to compensate for the caused damages so that capital investors find themselves once again in a position as if they had never acquired their “investment.” To reach these goals, we carry out our own investigations as much as possible, we pursue the preliminary proceedings of the often already-consulted public prosecution authorities, and we are also in contact with the relevant consumer protection associations and colleagues working in the same field. Moreover, we can ideally also refer to the knowledge and the credibility of other damaged investors.

Particularly concerning the sale of overpriced and so-called “scrap real estate,” it is to be feared that the “evil awakening” for countless victims is yet to come even though thousands of trials have already been conducted.

Please also note our blog on the subject of “scrap real estate:” (in German).

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