Medical law includes a wide range of legal regulations that affect the medical professions, especially the medical or dental profession.

Medical law includes the private law legal relationships between doctor and patient, in particular medical liability law. Medical law also includes the private law legal relationships between doctors and the legal relationships with payers (e.g. health insurance companies). Legal relationships under private law are usually not specifically regulated in medical law, but are based on the general provisions of the Civil Code (BGB).

Medical law is also largely structured under public law, in particular the regulations for the exercise of the medical profession, such as the professional regulations for members of the medical profession, the doctor-related regulations in the area of social insurance (in particular SGB V), the remuneration law for doctors (e.g. fee schedule for doctors). ) or pharmaceutical law, which can also be assigned to medical law. The legal regulations in medical law can be found in a wide variety of laws (e.g. Social Code, Medicines Act, Infection Protection Act), regulations (e.g. licensing regulations for doctors) or statutes (e.g. professional regulations).

The central content in medical law includes, among others:

  • Medical liability law/medical criminal law
  • Contract and corporate law for the healthcare professions
  • Statutory/private health insurance law
  • Professional regulations / licensing regulations
  • Medicines law
  • Medical device law
  • Advertising law for doctors / advertising ban
  • Disease reporting system

On the following pages we will try to provide you with as much information as possible about medical law.

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