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Commercial Tenancy Law

We offer legal advice no matter if you are a prospective tenant only starting your business, an active entrepreneur interested in renting a property, or already a tenant of a commercial property.

We also represent you in all commercial property matters if you are the landlord of a commercial property.

Thanks to many years of activity in the field of the initiation, design, interpretation, and evaluation of commercial tenancy contracts, as well as their judicial enforcement – always taking into account the goals of a company and the respective branch of the industry – we are able to achieve contract agreements which provide a secure foundation for both landlords and tenants, all while paying special attention to the provisions laid out by legislation and jurisprudence and at the same time considering the respective economic interests of landlords and tenants.

However, it should be noted that while commercial tenancy contracts are freely negotiable and are not subject to the stricter criteria of housing contracts, even commercial tenancy contracts are subject to restrictions by legislation and jurisprudence which regulate the contents that such contracts may have.

In contrast to a housing rental agreement, the rental price for a commercial tenancy is freely negotiable. Nevertheless, as an entrepreneur you ought to make sure to gain insight into the area-specific market prices, the constructional conditions, as well as the composition of tenants and businesses if the object of interest is located in an area with several neighboring commercial landlords.

If you are the landlord of a commercial property considering to enter a contract with a commercial tenant, you ought to take into account which operational purpose should be stated in the commercial contract and whether the rental object needs to be constructed or set up by you or by the commercial tenant in order to serve this operational purpose.

If you are a commercial tenant, you should be aware that commercial tenancy agreements usually involve a long period of commitment to the lease, often with renewal options that require you to take action in time.

Commercial tenancy law is strongly influenced by the constantly changing jurisprudence; there are only a few truly autonomous legal regulations in the field of commercial law; and to legal experts less technical literature is available than in other legal areas. Therefore you should trust experienced legal practitioners who can assist you in drafting and enforcing contracts and safeguarding your interests.

Thanks to our experience in all areas of commercial real estate – including commercial spaces in shopping centers, strip malls, mixed residential and commercial units, amusement parks, and individual properties – we offer you legal advice and representation in all areas of commercial tenancy law.

We advise and represent our clients on the following topics:

Drafting of contracts

Enforcement of contracts


Ejectment action

Operating costs

Commercial property defects

Rent reduction

Compensation for damages

Rental sponsorship

Operational purpose

Rent increase

Minor repairs

Stepped rent

Index-linked rent

Tenant mix

Industry mix






Contract clauses

Premature termination of the commercial lease

Termination contract

All STEINWACHS specialists on tenancy law also have experience in real estate management and are therefore well-acquainted with the relevant issues beyond the merely legal perspective.

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