Another key focus of the firm’s practice is family law. The representation in family law by our lawyers covers all areas of family law. We have many years of experience in marriage and family matters (especially) with a foreign connection. Family law requires the lawyer working in family law to have not only experience and the willingness to constantly educate themselves in the ever-changing family law, but also a high level of social competence.

We work for you in the following areas of family law:

  • Drafting and reviewing marriage contracts
  • Separation and divorce consequences agreements
  • Maintenance during separation / maintenance after divorce
  • Child support
  • Custody and access rights
  • Marriage home/household effects
  • Supply equalization
  • Equalization of gains/asset distribution
  • International divorce law
  • Measures according to the Violence Protection Act
  • Child rights and child abduction
  • Family law mediation

In addition to separation and divorce, in many cases it is also useful to seek family law advice before marriage so that the financial effects of the marriage can be precisely understood and adapted to your own needs. The entrepreneur should regularly conclude a marriage contract to secure the business.

Quick action is often necessary. This is especially true if you are urgently dependent on the payment of maintenance or if your living arrangements urgently need to be rearranged due to hardship. In these cases, you are welcome to ask for an urgent appointment for family law!

Let our experienced family law attorneys advise and represent you on the variety of possible solutions in family law. Room for maneuver and perspectives for the future are shown in family law advice and are developed and secured during representation.

Do you just want to find out more general information about family law?

You can find extensive information on this topic on our family law blog.

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