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Stephan Steinwachs, Lawyer and Lecturer

The founder of the firm was born in 1974 in Freiburg, Breisgau and originates from a long family tradition of jurists, devoted to jurisprudence since 1948. Mr. Steinwachs completed his legal training in Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf and Buenos Aires.

The core competencies of Mr. Steinwachs lie in the field of general civil law, with a particular focus on labor law, tenancy law, and real estate law. To ensure comprehensive and interdisciplinary competence at all times, Mr. Steinwachs is committed to engage in constant additional education at the highest level — currently he is pursuing a legum magister degree in Corporate and Tax Law. Mr. Steinwachs not only manages the law firm, but is also a founding partner and managing director of a real estate management company. He is thus familiar with corporate dealings not only from the legal and theoretical perspective, but is also well-versed in their practical implementation.

His interdisciplinary expertise has enabled Mr. Steinwachs to focus on the consultation of specific occupational groups and their most common problems in different legal areas.

In addition to his above-mentioned areas of activity, Mr. Steinwachs has thus also focused on specialization in consulting hoteliers and restaurateurs for several years, now representing this occupational group in all legal matters throughout Germany. He shares his knowledge and practical experience based on his legal activities for hoteliers and restaurateurs by also holding a position as lecturer for event and catering law.

Holger Karsten, Lawyer

Holger Karsten has been a vital part of the team at STEINWACHS Law Firm since May 2011. Mr. Karsten brings to the table legal expertise due to many years of attorney work in all areas of tenancy and real estate law and also holds an additional diploma in real estate administration, making him highly familiar with the economic practices of the real estate business. Mr. Karsten has extensive experience in general contract and corporate law practice, having provided all-encompassing legal advice and drafting of contracts to all sorts of private and commercial tenancy and real estate businesses and medium-sized companies active in the domains of trade, crafts, and services. Moreover, his activities on the board of a prestigious foundation also make him competent in dealing with legal matters relevant to associations and foundations. In addition to these core areas, Mr. Karsten is also responsible for our law firm’s mandates in traffic law.

Dan-Claas Suaidy, Lawyer

Dan-Claas Suaidy has been cooperating with the law firm since the beginning of 2015. Mr. Suaidy is in charge of the fields of sports / media / fashion and general civil law, thus complementing the range of services offered by our law firm. His experience as a competitive athlete and training as a professional coach provide him with valuable practical experience when it comes to sports legal mandates.

He also puts his broad legal knowledge to use in the field of start-up consulting and supervision, by monitoring all legally relevant aspects from the founding a company up until its possible termination. His supplementary studies at the University of Hamburg in the field of Insolvency Law (with the degree of Mag. Jur., with distinction) complete Mr. Suaidy’s portfolio.

Sabine Francke, Lawyer and Specialized Attorney

Sabine Francke has been part of our team since April 2015. Ms. Francke is at the same time a specialized lawyer for family law and looks after all our mandates related to this field.

Since her admission to practice law in 2004, Ms. Francke has been consistently and almost exclusively active in the area of family law.

She attaches special importance to customized and targeted consulting and representation of our clients. Among the main areas of service offered by Ms. Francke are divorces and all entailing procedures, custody lawsuits and matters of childhood, as well as the drafting of marriage contracts and divorce succession agreements.

Guergana Boucheva-Stefok, LL.M.

Lawyer • Mediator (DAA certified)

Ms. Boucheva-Stefok has been part of our law firm since May 2012. She completed her legal studies in Hamburg and Sofia (Bulgaria) and holds an admission to practice law in both countries. In addition to her LL.M. degree in mediation from the DAA law academy, Ms. Boucheva-Stefok also worked as a research assistant at the Maritime and Commercial Law Institute at the University of Hamburg under the direction of Prof. Dr. Marian Paschke during her studies in Hamburg, and during the same period was also active at two international law firms. Since 2010, she has been assisting companies and private individuals from mainly Eastern European countries in economic and civil law matters in the fields of Eastern European law, family law, international private law, contractual law, trade law, and transportation law. Ms. Boucheva-Stefok conducts correspondence and consultation in Bulgarian, German, and Russian. From March onwards, Ms. Boucheva-Stefok will no longer work for us.

Ms. Sabrina Saß

Ms. Sabrina Saß is in charge of our office administration.

Due to of her excellent computer skills, Ms. Saß supervises the digitalization of our law firm. This enables us to keep our clients informed about the state of their business on a daily basis and, in particular, to offer our expertise in specific niche areas throughout Germany.

Ms. Paulina Steinwachs

Ms. Steinwachs was born in Poland and has been working for us since December 2010. She studies German and Polish Law in Hamburg. Apart from general activities in the law firm, Ms. Steinwachs is in particular responsible for the editorial maintenance of our law firm’s Polish website as well as of the information portals operated by us. In addition, she also interprets and translates the consultations and correspondences with our Polish-speaking clients.

Ms. Weronika Lecka


Ms. Weronika Lecka was born in Poland as well and has been working for us since 2014. She is also studying German and Polish Law in Hamburg. Ms. Lecka supports us as an assistant, interpreter and translator in handling the steadily growing requests from clients from the German-Polish economic community.


Alexander Kirmess, Lawyer and Specialized Attorney for Criminal Law

In cooperation with Mr. Kirmess, our law firm advises and represents clients in criminal matters adjacent to our fields of expertise, especially in commercial criminal law and traffic criminal law.

Dr. Lüders, Tarcikowski & Partner GbR, Tax Consultants & Specialized Tax Lawyers

Our collaboration with Lüders Law Firm is specifically aimed at the joint consultation of restaurateurs. The tax consultants of the law firm are experienced in offering consultation and support in all matters of this occupational group. Our Berlin office operates STEINWACHS Law Firm in cooperation with Dr. Lüders, Tarcikowski & Partner GbR.

Andrea Danker, Consultant – Coach – Mediator

A special service offered by our law firm is the cooperation with the certified psychologist Andrea Danker who is specialized in conflicts at the workplace.

Among other areas, Ms. Danker has profound experience in supervising processes of change, especially in cases of compulsory redundancies and social plan negotiations in commercial enterprises. She is also well-versed in lawsuit counseling of the negotiating parties in situations of job cuts, with the aim of ensuring a socially acceptable implementation for all parties involved, and also has expertise in consultancy and conceptual design of the implementation of company measures.

In cooperation with Ms. Danker, the STEINWACHS Law Firm offers sustainable solutions for companies to prevent or mitigate typical conflict scenarios at the workplace, and also handles their out-of-court mediation.

Nicolas Hachet, Avocat à la cour (French Lawyer)

Mssr. Hachet is our communicating lawyer in France. He is part of a prestigious law firm in Bordeaux and practices with an emphasis on the fields of aliens and family law. In cooperation with Mssr. Hachet, we are working on cross-border cases. In addition, Mssr. Hachet has proven himself a trustworthy colleague when it comes to the recommendation of foreign professionals (for example regarding real estate purchases in France).


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